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Construction of block 3.1

Construction of block 3.1 with a capacity of 400 MW Nizhnevartovskaya hydroelectric power plant

Russian Federation

Customer - CJSC Nizhnevartovskaya State District Power Plant

Construction of the turnkey and commissioning of the power unit No. 3.1 with a capacity of 400 MW at the Nizhnevartovsky hydroelectric power plant. The introduction of the new power unit has eliminated the generation deficit in the Nizhnevartov district of the Khanta-Mansi Autonomous Region (HMAO), which is a prerequisite for the further development of the region's oil and gas industry. The power unit was commissioned in 2014.

Basic equipment •         PG9351 (FA) gas turbine with 324H 50 Hz generator, manufacturer of General Electric; •         Steam turbine D12 with 9A5 generator, manufacturer of General Electric. •         P-143, produced by Atomenergomash

Delivery of KIPIA equipment, gas-measuring equipment, verification equipment and reference mixtures, air flow detection equipment, stationary gas-analytical systems, verification equipment and devices, testing equipment, electrical equipment, supply of equipment to determine water consumption.

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