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Construction of pulverized coal power

Construction of pulverized coal power units No. 8 and No. 9 with a capacity of 225 MW each of the Cherepetskaya state district power station

Russian Federation

Customer: JSC "Technopromexport"

The construction of two pulverized coal power units with an installed capacity of 225 MW each at the site of the Cherepetskaya TPP. The commissioning of new power units has increased the reliability of energy supply to electricity consumers of the central region of Russia, and will also allow the decommissioning of inefficient capacities. The construction of power unit No. 8 was completed - IV quarter of 2014, power unit No. 9 - II quarter of 2015.

• Steam turbine type K-225-12.8-4P, manufacturer of Power Machines PJSC; • Boiler unit Ep-630-13.8-565 / 570KT (Model TPE-223), manufacturer of EMAlliance JSC.

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