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Supply of stationary gas analytical complexes

supply of stationary gas analytical complexes, calibration equipment, electrical installation equipment, instrumentation and automation equipment, uninterruptible power supply systems, reference devices.

Russian Federation

Customer: RUE “Vitebskenergo”

The Polotsk Hydroelectric Power Station is a typical low-pressure hydroelectric power station, including an earthen dam, a concrete spillway dam with six segment gates, and a hydroelectric power station building. The design capacity of the hydroelectric power station is 21.66 MW, the average annual output is 112 million kWh. Five horizontal rotary vane turbines of the Czech company Mavel a.s. The reservoir area is 1710 hectares, and its length is 83 km - from the village of Luchno practically to Beshenkovichi. The maximum depth near the hydroelectric station is about 17 meters. The construction of the station was started in May 2011, the first hydraulic unit was launched on February 20, 2017 [2], and was fully commissioned on June 30, 2017. Customer of construction - RUE “Vitebskenergo”

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